? WMCA launch COVID-19 Support Platform

Individuals and organisations keen to do their bit in the fight against coronavirus are being invited to join a new initiative which connects offers of help to those most in need.

West Midlands Combined Authority Covid-19 Support is a dedicated web-based platform for people, businesses and front-line services to offer practical help and support during the crisis.

The platform has been launched by the WMCA to bring the community together in the Covid-19 battle and link up and coordinate offers and requests.

Offers of support currently include a wide range of actions such as home deliveries to those self-isolating, accommodation for key workers, production and delivery of medical equipment and even installation of mobile clinics.

Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street, who chairs the WMCA, said:

“Over the past few weeks we’ve seen an incredible amount of compassion within our region, and, despite the barriers that social distancing creates, huge numbers of people have been willing to step up and help their community.

“I have had so many generous individuals and companies approach me personally saying they want to help and offering things like accommodation for key workers and free business advice. So in response to this outpouring of support we have created the Covid-19 Support platform, where businesses and individuals can list their offers of support, and people can take up these offers or list their own needs.

“This new initiative will help find solutions to some of the difficult challenges society is facing at the moment and provide support for front-line workers and others who have been directly or indirectly affected by coronavirus.

“I would urge anyone who either has support to offer or is in need of support to visit the website and sign up.”

Currently only offers of support can initially be registered on the platform, but the scheme will soon include a section for those requiring assistance to log their detailed needs so that the asks and offers can be connected even more quickly.

In the meantime, those seeking assistance can still look at the offers of support and make contact with those individuals and organisations they believe can best meet their needs.

For more information about the website or to get involved, please visit: www.wmca-covid19-support.org  

This article is taken from the West Midlands Combined Authority website.