A STEAM Lab with Daniel Eatock: Exploring not knowing as a catalyst for creativity

STEAMhouse recently invited London-based visual artist, Daniel Eatock to collaborate with them on the design and delivery of two of their STEAM Labs.

STEAM Labs are highly experimental collaborative workshops where participants work through a process inspired by an aspect of STEAM practice (Science; Technology; Engineering; Arts; Mathematics). The aim of a STEAM Lab is to impel participants to think about the development of projects, products, and services in completely new ways.

The concept for this lab was to invite participants to take part in two improvised online workshops, made up on the spot. Not rehearsed. Raw. Honest. Ad libbed. Exploring not knowing. Unfolding and taking shape when we meet. Without an agenda or goals and responding to the cliché ‘we are living in uncertain times’. For Daniel Eatock, uncertainty sits at the heart of all creative endeavours and pursuits. By embracing and leaning into the discomfort this brings, he believes we can accept how to be uncomfortable exploring and making the unknown. Check out a ‘supercut’ of each workshop to find out what happened!

Workshop 1
Workshop 2

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