Digital Future Index 2021-2022

The UK’s trend index for advanced digital technologies

As the UK recovers from Covid-19, it has become clear that the adoption of digital technology is still one of the UK’s greatest strengths. In the past year alone UK advanced digital technology companies have received a total of £2.46 billion in investment. The newly launched Digital Future Index 2021-2022 finds the UK is better placed than any country in Europe to take advantage of the technologies impacting global businesses over the next decade.  

The Digital Future Index 2021-2022 breaks down who is leading the global race for adoption of emerging technologies and innovation, and shaping the world’s digital future. This report, created by Digital Catapult, the UK authority on advanced digital technology, explores where the UK and other countries rank globally in terms of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, the Internet of things, 5G and blockchain. The ranking provides insights into the economic health and potential for innovation and growth of countries across the world. 

Three emerging technology trends will transform business across all sectors: 

– Digital twins will reduce the impact of supply chain shocks

– The rise of the metaverse, spatial computing and AR Cloud will dominate the next decade

– Remote and autonomous machines will require better accuracy, reliability and security

In tandem with the growing interest and innovation in adopting digital technologies, emerging global trends – the pandemic, the climate crisis and digital geopolitics –  are driving the development and application of technology to tackle these macro issues.

Until now it has been difficult to assess a country’s capability in advanced digital technologies and indicate potential for innovation and economic growth. The Digital Future Index 2021-2022 changes that. 

Download to read more about the key deep tech trends set to impact the world in the near future and how we can continue to support the UK’s effort to level up and lead Europe’s effort to overcome the challenges of digital adoption.