Case Study: Advanced Services Group


‘The Advanced Services Group (ASG) supports global clients to grow and succeed through the development of outcome-based services and business model innovation. Based in Birmingham, UK, we work internationally with manufacturing and technology-innovation businesses to help them create a new business model that is sustainable, resilient and fit for the future.

We accelerate the adoption of Servitization and Advanced Services within businesses. Servitization is a transformation process through which a manufacturing company changes its business model to compete through a bundle of products and services, rather than products alone.

We are experts in guiding large and small manufacturers to transform their business models to compete through advanced services.

Transforming through servitization differentiates businesses caught in commoditised markets to develop closer relationships with customers and build a sustainable competitive advantage. It has the potential to create success and growth of the triple bottom line, but it is not easy or risk-free.

We use a range of cutting-edge frameworks and interactive tools such as our Business Model Blueprint, Value Network Analysis, Engineering Design for Service and Service Visioning. All of these are sourced from peer reviewed research and tested and proven through our existing portfolio of clients.

Through our Advanced Services Partnership we work with global companies including Baxi, Donaldson, Mazak, Domino Printing Sciences, and smaller local firms in the West Midlands such as Koolmill Systems, AE Aerospace, UV Light Technology to name a few’.

Working with GBS Growth Hub

Iain McKechnie, Director of Strategic Partnerships, said of his experience with a GBS GH ‘Integrate IP Review’:

The Growth Hub Account Manager was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and ‘got’ what we were struggling with. He also put significant effort into understanding our business, the uniqueness of it, and – more importantly – how significant IP was to the future success of our firm. This was a fantastic support intervention and all down to the specialist knowledge shared by the Adviser and the care he took to really understand our business. Many thanks. 10/10

Following the successful IP Review, ASG were supported through the IPO/GBS ‘Enabler’ funding scheme, to work with an IP professional, in this case Dr Alison Orr at Inngot Limited.

Iain said:

The funded support allowed us to fully understand our IP position, address areas of weakness identified in the IP Audit and it gave us confidence that we were on the right track with respect to protection of copyright, trademarks and IP.

Since the IP Audit, we have developed a new contract for authors, added new Copyright statements to our presentation slides and T&Cs, enhanced our employee handbook, instigated two new trademarks (and 2 new classes), improved our T&Cs for clients wishing to utilise our models/frameworks and created new marketing materials to take advantage of our existing trademarked assets.

It has enabled ASG to understand the IP and Copyright landscape, initiate new systems and controls within ASG to protect and utilise IP assets in a confident manner.

Future activities include: managing the renewal dates for assets under subscription e.g. website domains; registering a design for a graphic created by ASG; a review of where to use ‘TM’ and ‘R’ when protecting IP in different markets; in all, there were 21 key recommendations from the IP Audit and we are dealing with all of these during 2022.