The Team

Core Executive

  Pam Waddell 1

Pam Waddell:



Iain Mansell:

CDIS Interim Project Manager

Smart City Alliance

Marketing & Communications


Alan Carr:

Innovative Low Carbon Working Group


Cheryl Perry:

Innovative Health Working Group

Jane square  

Jane Holmes:

Project and Partnership Manager


Keerti Rajput:

Events Assistant


Rhiannon Davies:

Marketing & Communications Assistant


Resourcing Partners


Accountable Body

The Innovation Alliance is not a legal entity but operates via an accountable body. The Black Country Consortium Ltd has agreed to take on this role for the initial 12 months of the Innovation Alliance, in the first instance, on behalf of the 3 LEPs and other resourcing partners.

Steering Group

The Innovation Alliance WM Steering Group will steer, oversee and connect Innovation Alliance activities and will work with the Executive Team to develop a sustainable model for resourcing the Innovation Alliance WM.  The Steering Group will be made up of WG Chairs and representatives of resourcing organisations and Chaired by the Director of the accountable body (Sarah Middleton, Black Country Consortium). BEIS and InnovateUK are invited as observers.