CDIS (Consortium for the Demonstration of Intelligent Systems)

The aim of the Consortium for the Demonstration of Intelligent Systems (CDIS) is to bring together regional expertise to develop and apply intelligent/ smart systems technology and approaches to solving real and substantial challenges faced by the public and private sector. The process of developing and scaling up solutions to such challenges will lead to the creation of new products, services and applications in the West Midlands, generating competitive advantage and leading to new and growing businesses.

CDIS Stakeholder Map v4

(Stakeholder Map)

At its heart, CDIS is a progression of collaborative feasibility, pilot and demonstrator activities that will tackle barriers to exploiting intelligent systems to solve the region’s challenges in mobility, health and energy, and areas where those sectors interact. A small team of CDIS brokers will facilitate the development of partnerships and activities that enable the scaling up of technologies and approaches developed in the region, by bringing together the region’s existing complementary expertise to develop solutions at scale for maximum economic and public service impact.

CDIS provides the WMCA and the Mayor with an immediate, high impact project that responds to the local and national policy context around innovation and place. CDIS also offers a unique opportunity to build on and scale up the region’s excellent innovation activity, as identified in the recent WM Science and Innovation Audit, with a practical, demand-led focus across the region.  Initially targeting energy, mobility and health, the CDIS approach of building strong collaboration between academia, clinicians/sector specialists and business, combined with our world-class facilities, has the potential to make the region a powerhouse for innovation, and in particular a global centre for the development and application of intelligent systems.


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