Accelerate to Net Zero 2023

12 January 2023

Accelerate to Net Zero: UK live event will share insights and discussion on the challenges and opportunities ahead as we accelerate efforts to reach for Net Zero. Learn from climate leaders in your region and be inspired to take action in your organisation.

Building on our 20 years of experience across business, government and technology innovation, we will be sharing our insights into what businesses and organisations need. This series will showcase best practice and bring together climate leaders from around the world to highlight their success stories, along with the challenges they faced. We’ll also look ahead at the future of regional policies and provide ideas and solutions for you to take away and action.

The series will bring together a range of sustainability and environmental practitioners, compliance managers, CSR and corporate strategy professionals, marketing and brand managers, investor relations and ESG managers, policy makers and local authorities, academia and more. Join the decision makers looking to align with Net Zero.