Batteries Included- The Challenges of Adopting Battery and Hybrid Technology in the Rail Industry

04 May 2022

With over 12,000km of track on the UK railway network that is still unelectrified, large numbers of independently powered vehicles will be needed for the current and foreseeable future.

Traditionally the industry has met the needs of non-electrified services by using diesel powered vehicles, but with the increased focus on sustainability and a clear target of removing all diesel only trains from the network by 2040, the industry must adopt alternative power systems to meet these objectives.

Join this live online seminar to explore the challenges and opportunities of adopting new technology in the form of battery and hybrid powered rail vehicles. The event will cover what these applications will bring to the industry, bringing together experts from across the industry to share their experiences.

Join this event to:

  • Learn more about the role hybrid and battery powered vehicles will play in resolving the environmental, noise pollution and health implications facing the industry
  • Gain insight into challenges of upgrading existing railway vehicles to become hybrid or battery powered and how these are being managed
  • Understand the considerations necessary for introducing new railway vehicles that are hybrid or battery powered
  • Discuss the operational implications of adopting alternative traction systems
  • Grasp the importance of a whole system mindset to maximise the benefits of introducing hybrid powered railway vehicles, including how these can complement increased electrification
  • Find out more about the role the UK supply chain can play to support the growth and adoption of these new technologies and how you could fit into that

Key programme highlights:

  • Railway Industry Association discuss where batteries fit into the whole system approach for decarbonisation
  • Transport Scotland provide insight on the integration of alternative traction into their electrification strategy
  • Transport for London share a case study on batteries used in zero-emission buses
  • Porterbrook talk about their work on the HybridFLEX train
  • Vivarail reveal how they are unlocking the potential for battery-based rolling stock to travel unlimited distances

Confirmed speakers include:

  • David Clarke, Technical Director, Railway Industry Association
  • Karl Watts, CEO, Rail Operations Group
  • Bill Reeve, Commercial Director, Transport Scotland
  • Dave Horton, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Vivarail
  • Jane Wright, Systems Engineer, Transport for London
  • Tom Scott, Fleet Support Engineer, Porterbrook
  • Taram Orubo, Graduate Engineer, Rail Safety and Standards Board
  • Helen Simpson, Innovation & Projects Director, Porterbrook
  • Simon Jarrett, Engineering Assurance and Development Manager, Chiltern Railways
  • Julian Fletcher, Systems Engineer, Vivarail

Organising Committee:

Railway Division, Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Member credits:

Robert Doberski, Fleet Engineering Manager, West Midlands Trains
Tom Scott, Fleet Support Engineer, Porterbrook
Peter Stanton, Independent Consultant
Graham Neil, Independent Consultant 
Paul Burkitt-Gray, Project Planning Manager, Transport for London