Build Back Safer

12 March 2021

This event is hosted by Safe & the City. Details below, or you can visit the official event page here.

Technology will be the driving force on the road to the UK’s recovery. Now, more than ever before, we have a responsibility to change what we know isn’t working. At the heart of this lies our ability to design technologies that are better, more inclusive and safer in a post-Covid society.

Safe & the City welcomes you to the Build Back Safer event. 

Join us on Friday, March 12th at 1 pm GMT for:

1. A welcome address from the UN Women UK Executive Director on the role technology can play in creating safer spaces for women and girls,

2. A panel discussion from leading experts about their ideas, technologies and insights of how we can achieve this, and

3. The anticipated launch of Safe & the City’s newest integration product, i3.

Celebrate what’s been achieved, the inspirational leaders behind the technology and an important discussion on what we must do next.

Make sure to register to not miss this milestone event.

Register here.