Coventry University Enterprises Ltd: Clean Growth – Accelerate Your Journey to Net Zero (Launch Event)

05 April 2022

Access expertise from Coventry University academics and industry experts to achieve Net Zero goals through dedicated collaborative support.

About this event

This collaboration programme launch event will bring together SMEs, industry experts and researchers from Coventry University’s Clean Growth and Future Mobility Research Institute to gain an overview on the latest technologies available to support your business achieve your Net Zero goals.

The SMEs will have the opportunity to join one of 5 collaboration programmes which will run for up to 12 months and will include regular seminars, interactive workshops and 121 bespoke support. This will provide SMEs with the knowledge, tools and a roadmap to achieve their Net Zero goals.

The event and the collaboration programmes are free to join for eligible SMEs as they are fully funded by ERDF.

This launch event will present an overview of the 5 Collaborations programmes and all eligible SMEs will be invited to join one or more of these programmes.

  1. Technology Roadmap to Net-Zero: This programme will cover the basics of Roadmapping and provide facilitation to enable you to create your organisation’s own roadmap, identifying the key activities and technologies that will help your business achieve your Net Zero aspirations. The topics covered will include: A background to Roadmapping, Key Roadmapping tools and techniques, 1-to-1 Support to complete your Roadmap, Support to roll-out the initiative within your business, Roadmapping communications and engagement, future funding and partnerships to support your journey.
  2. Carbon Accounting: This programme will cover the basics of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting for organisations. We will equip attendees with an understanding of how to implement a structured carbon reduction programme in their business. Core elements include: Background to GHG, decarbonisation and Net-Zero, Business rationale for implementing a decarbonisation initiative, Principles of GHG accounting, Creation of a GHG inventory, Identifying emission sources, Establishing an emissions baseline, Setting targets for GHG reduction and reporting & verification.
  3. Measurement Systems for Sustainable Manufacturing & EV: This programme will include the basic principles and process to embed metrology principles and practices to drive confidence in data and decision making for customer and suppliers alike. Driving confidence in planning and manufacturing including the complex needs of Power Electronics Machines and Drives (PEMD)for the Electric Revolution.
  4. E-Machines Supply Chain Capabilities: This programme will help the participants to get a view of the topic and learn about the core components of the electrified system. It will also help to understand what the opportunities are and identify the actions you need to take to start or accelerate your transition. Topics covered will include: Introduction to electric motors and drive systems, Motor types and parts manufacturing, Power electronics and converter circuits, Motor control methods and load characteristics, Motor dyno testing and performance characterisation, EMC challenges.
  5. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Supply Chain Capabilities: This programme will cover the basics of fuel cell and electrolyser design, the components and subsystems required for such technologies. We will equip attendees with an understanding of the opportunities available to develop their businesses in the hydrogen energy sector. The aims are: investigating the challenges and business opportunities relating to participation in the supply chain for hydrogen energy technologies; Providing SMEs with a solid understanding of hydrogen fuel cell and electrolyser systems, their operating characteristics, subsystems and components; Supporting SMEs to explore the specific opportunities relating to their business activities in the area of hydrogen energy technologies and to develop strategies and plans for exploiting these opportunities.


12:00-13:00: Networking/Lunch

13:00-14:00: Presentations

14:00-15:00: Networking/Collaboration programmes signup

A buffet lunch, tea and coffee will be served.

This workshop is funded by ERDF Green Business Programme, delivered by Coventry University and Coventry University Enterprises Ltd and as such only SMEs based in Coventry and Warwickshire are able to attend. Eligibility will be verified when completing registration details.

Please note due to high demand, we will be limiting attendance to two staff from each business.