Coventry & Warwickshire Bright Solar Future Showcase

21 June 2023

From solar mapping of large south facing and flat roofs as well as car parks and other spaces, our efforts project potential for 1 million solar panels in Coventry and similarly in Warwickshire.

This should be complemented with energy efficiency, smart systems, storage and EV chargepoints, creating a cleaner, cheaper and fairer circular economy for all. There is also the opportunity to integrate features of community energy systems, connecting clusters of buildings such as businesses, retail and industrial parks, hospitals, education campuses, housing associations and estates. This will provide economy of scale, and allow the electricity generated to be used on site, with minimum National Grid reliance, giving maximum financial benefits, including more new green jobs, business and innovation.

This Bright Solar Future Showcase Series is a collaborative project between Climate Change Solutions, Midlands Net Zero Hub, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) and Nottingham City Council.