Design software for BIM: Autodesk Revit for Beginners

31 August 2022 - 01 September 2022

A two day course that is a practical introduction to the basic elements of this 3D BIM development software.

This intensive two-day workshop is delivered by a Coventry University lecturer in CAD Development in a fully equipped computer lab. It includes interactive sessions, individual exercises, Q&A and follow up sessions. The participants will be given access to additional training materials and exercises that will take their knowledge of Revit even further.

Who Should Attend

Any employee of a small and medium size company as well as sole traders based in Coventry & Warwickshire are eligible to attend.

No previous REVIT experience is necessary. The course is aimed at those who are just starting with Revit software and want to learn its essential elements or those who want to refresh their knowledge.  Whether you work in the construction industry, architecture, design or engineering, you will find this course useful.

Autodesk Revit is also the market leading software tool for all BIM applications and will be of interest to anyone specializing in this area.


Day One:

The Revit Interface

The Revit building blocks – Walls, Floors and Roofs

Revit references – Grids, Levels and Planes

Revit families – Adding, Loading and the Project Browser

Creating shapes and forming boundaries

Creating the basic house shape with Floors and Roof.

Adding doors and windows and modifying families

Day Two

Revit Sandwiches and Revit Sausages

Revit Hosting

Modifying the families

Adding topography and context

Section cuts and view options

Setting up the drawing sheet

Adding content to the sheet and annotation

This workshop is funded by ERDF Green Business Program, delivered by Coventry University and CUE Business Solutions and as such only SMEs based in Coventry and Warwickshire are able to attend. Eligibility will be verified when completing registration details.

SMEs who attend may also be able to access grant assistance from delivery partners to fund the costs of software licensing and certification.