Entress – Bulding Business Resilience: Resource Efficiency & Waste Management

22 September 2021


About this event

Session 8- Resource Efficiency and Waste Management

Find out more about how to better manage your resources and create value in your ‘waste’ making a resource for others.


10am Welcome and introduction to EnTRESS 2 project

10.05 Resource Management in a Circular Economy, Debbie Ward, EnTRESS Knowledge Transfer Manager

10.20 Resource Management and Industrial Symbiosis in practice, Ian Humphries, International Synergies

11.15 Interactive Session

12pm Close

More about the series

RESILIENCE: ability to withstand, adapt and thrive in response to known and unpredictable risks, threats or changes.

ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: the responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems to ensure both the needs of the present and the needs of future generations can be met.

With increasing legislation, policies and regulation, growing consumer awareness and pressure from investors on becoming a circular, net zero carbon business, environmental sustainability is firmly on the agenda for many organisations.

During this webinar series, we will walk you through the legislation, benefits and high level implementation guidance relating to net zero carbon and circular economy, including some jargon busting, how to track and calculate your carbon footprint, overview of various business audits and how a product’s LCA can help demonstrate sustainable business.

This event is for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Black Country or Stoke & Staffordshire regions ONLY.

Why attend this free webinar series?

  • Get an overview of different programmes, policies and regulations relating to sustainability such as Net Zero Carbon, the UN SDGs and Circular Economy
  • Understand how sustainable practices can lead to competitive advantage, cost reduction and new revenue streams
  • Access free consultation to support you in starting, or furthering, your transition to becoming a sustainable business (Our free support is only available to eligible Black Country and Stoke & Staffordshire SMEs)

Who should attend?

This webinar series is open to all SMEs in the Black Country and Stoke & Staffordshire that:

  • Are concerned about the future resilience of their business at such a challenging and ever-changing time
  • Want to find out more about how to better manage their business to be more environmentally conscientious / environmentally sustainable
  • Want to learn more about Net Zero Carbon, Circular Economy, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and COP26 and want to understand how they impact on / can be of benefit to their business

This is an online event that will be recorded.

Building Business Resilience Through Environmental Sustainability Webinar Series

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Session 5- How to Promote your Sustainable Business, Thu 2nd Sept 2021

Session 6- Environmental Management , Thu 9th Sept 2021

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Session 8- Resource Efficiency and Waste Management, Wed 22nd Sept 2021