Event: Childhood Obesity- LGA Trailblazer Programme – Discovery Phase – Strategic Stakeholder Engagement Event

14 March 2019

Birmingham was recently selected to be part of the Discovery Phase of the LGA Childhood Obesity Trailblazer Programme. This is a specific programme of activity, to be completed by 30th April 2019, that will inform the shaping of the national trailblazer programme and provides a great opportunity for us to reshape and energise the approach to tackling childhood obesity in Birmingham.

The Discovery Phase combines conducting community based research and engagement with strategic stakeholders to inform the development of a shared approach to tackling childhood obesity through partnership across the City.

The Discovery Phase areas are each focusing on a specific aspect of the drivers of childhood obesity. In Birmingham we are using the opportunity to get a better understanding of the way food and nutrition shape the obesity landscape of the City.

As part of the strategic stakeholder event we are specifically considering the organisational levers such as social value based commissioning and procurement to drive change and reflecting on how we can use our combined leverage to effect change at scale in Birmingham. We will also share at the event the initial feedback from the community engagement activity.

IAWM is pleased to be supporting this work in connection with the BINDI project and would like to invite you to join hosts, Birmingham Health Partners, at the strategic stakeholder event in central Birmingham on the 21st March (09:30-12:30). Register for the event here.