DIGIRAIL Masterclass

18 March 2020

The demand for digitalisation of passenger and freight railway systems is rapidly increasing across the UK. Despite the recent advancements of low power wireless sensors, machine learning and data analytics, the harsh environment of railways remains a challenge in embedding this technology. The key to solving this challenge is understanding the limitations of smart sensor systems and the harsh working environment of railways.

BCRRE have developed a two-day masterclass for manufacturing and railway SMEs to look at addressing this challenge.


This two-day masterclass aims to provide insights into:

  1. The basic operation of smart sensor systems, from different sensor functions, power requirements, wired or wireless data transfer and data analytics.
  2. Achieving greater reliability and safety, fewer maintenance delays, advanced analytics for streamlined operations, restructured and optimized passenger experience, and better product development in the industry.
  3. The challenges manufacturing companies face in embedding a smart sensors into their products and how they can be solved.
  4. Ways to work with the University and other funding opportunities to help SMEs develop their research and development capacity.

This practical masterclass will also include an overview on product approvals by Roger Moore, Senior Product Acceptance Specialist for National Rail.

Full agenda to be confirmed.

Find out more about the DIGI-RAIL project here.