Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Challenges for SMEs

05 April 2022


About this event

This roundtable discussion and networking event is being hosted by the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) in partnership with DEMAND Hub, as part of the Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Programme. The programme is funded by Innovate UK and jointly delivered by ABHI and CPI, providing support to SMEs that produce and develop products in HealthTech (medical devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies) to access regulatory related advice, with grant support of up to £30,000 (at 100% of costs) available.

The roundtable will introduce the Health Technology Regulatory and Innovation Programme and how UK SMEs can apply and benefit from the grant funding. Facilitated discussions will also seek – at both a UK and a West Midlands level – to understand from a business perspective:

1. What are the key current barriers to growth, to inform future policy and improve the SME landscape.

2. How can we simplify the Regulatory and Innovation route to market.

3. What can be done to increase the pace of adoption and revenue generation.

4. How do we increase the attractiveness of UK SMEs for future funding and innovation.