How Businesses Win on the Internet of Things

12 January 2022

Robots, talking refrigerators, and Alexa. Internet of things (IoT) is becoming more important in our everyday lives. Find out more about how to optimize your business processes and product placement along the IoT supply chain.

The Greater Birmingham & Solihull (GBSLEP) Growth Hub are presenting a webinar for any business owner/manager who sells a digital product or service and wants to better understand the Internet of Things and the commercial opportunities that may be available to them; creatives who are designing and creating digital experiences and entrepreneurs and business development managers exploring new business models and opportunities for new revenue streams.  

Working in collaboration with Rockfine Group, this webinar will provide delegates with an overview of how some companies are getting their products and services adopted into the IoT tech chain, and how creative businesses are designing and creating experiences that increase a business’ bottom line.

The panel will consist of:

Hector Alemany, Wayra UK will demonstrate what communications through IoT supply chain looks like for connectivity and how devices communicate with each other, and the bigger trends they are watching

Tom Hunt, White Horse Scientific will showcase how products are integrated into the IoT supply chain

B.D. Dalton, Strategic Director, Rockfine Group will highlight the IoT trends emerging and how your company can leverage these opportunities

Davide Tuzi, Co-Founder of Nexton, Specialist in Smart Cities and IoT, will talk about how IoT will bring cities and businesses together through technology

Date and Time: 12th Jan, 09:30 – 11:30am

Venue: Online