HTC VIVE and Immerse UK Virtual Event Series: The Future of Work in VR

21 May 2020

Join ImmerseUK for a series of virtual events, created in partnership with HTC Vive, to discuss the adoption of VR in the workplace. Hear from a number of VR solution providers, customers and practitioners across a number of different industries.

This free series of virtual events will start from 21 April at 4-6pm (BST) in the Engage platform or via video stream.

Whether you are a small business, large enterprise, or a creative design professional there are a number of VR platforms and tools to help you become more productive. These topics are especially relevant in the wake of the current pandemic and the increase of geographically dispersed, or remote working teams.

Understanding current VR capabilities and applying this within a business can be challenging without the know-how. Buying into the wrong platform or software, or not having the accompanying support or internal strategy to develop and implement VR, can be expensive and confusing.

To start addressing these issues, HTC Vive and Immerse UK have teamed up to deliver a series of online virtual events in VR to help bring solution providers, developers, and customers together to explore different options. This is an opportunity for businesses to explore how to leverage immersive technology in their businesses for remote collaboration, design, training, and creative production.

Next event in this series

Training the next workforce

Amended date: Thursday 21 May | 16:00-18:00 

During this session, we will be showcasing how VR is being successfully used to train the future workforce. This will include looking at scalable enterprise VR solutions that are being used for various forms of training including; medical, health & safety, soft skills, logistics & operations, etc.

Our speakers will be discussing case studies and the realities of rolling out a large scale VR training solution within your company, followed by a joint panel moderated by Immerse UK’s Asha Easton.  Speakers include: