Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality – the Role of Innovation

24 April 2024

Join us for the Innovative Health & Zero Carbon Working Groups joint meeting focused on Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality.

Location: University of Birmingham G39 – Education Building, Edgbaston Campus, Birmingham

Date & Time: Wed, 24 Apr 2024, 11:00 – 13.00


We are delighted that the Innovative Health Working Group and the Innovative Zero Carbon Working Group are partnering for this insightful event, where we explore the effects of poor air quality in both indoor and outdoor environments. Poor air quality is a common feature of poor quality, energy inefficient buildings and transport and industrial pollution – key issues for decarbonisation. However poor air quality also has detrimental outcomes for health.

Join our panel of experts who will discuss if progressive and effective use of technology can solve all these challenges and complexities for both the healthcare industry and for decarbonisation efforts, and act as that Silver Bullet!

While emerging Innovations in Technology do offer numerous benefits and opportunities, the panel will also address its limitations and explore other factors driving change, to deliver air quality for the future.

Audience: Med/Health and Zero Carbon Tech Businesses, Start-ups, Product Designers, Manufacturers, Academia, Health Tech providers, Innovation Managers, Tech specialists


Session 1: Focusing on indoor Air Quality, are innovations the catalyst to transform Health Outcomes, or is it?

Session 2: Focusing on outdoor Air Quality, are innovations the Silver Bullet to transform Health Outcomes?

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