Industrial Digitalisation Technologies Skills Webinar

20 May 2021

WMG’s Digital Technologies Directorate (DTD) is delighted to announce an Industrial Digitalisation Technologies Skills webinar featuring leading academics, researchers, and practitioners.

This webinar is for delegates who are considering or have been tasked with introducing digital technologies into their businesses (or) for anyone looking to understand how they can develop digital skills to thrive in manufacturing.

Free to attend, this webinar format will consist of a 90-minute discussion, with plenty of opportunities to interact with experts during the feedback and discussion sessions. It will help you identify, explore and customise the skills training courses needed to empower your workforce and embark on your digital journey.

It includes interactive talks relating to industrial skills needed to support the shift to digital transformation, offering a non-technical, broad overview of digital technologies impacting manufacturing industries. It will present an insight into WMG’s fully immersive, empowering, realistic and engaging digital skills training courses that ideally fit your business needs.

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Topics covered:
  • What is digital transformation
  • Familiarisation with digital technologies
  • How digital technologies are changing the world of manufacturing
  • Uncover the skills needed for the growth, innovation, and resilience of manufacturing businesses
  • Explore the range of WMG’s digital skills training courses
  • Input your business needs and tailor your own skills training courses and contents
What will you achieve?
  • Understand various digital technologies
  • Understand how digital technologies are changing the world of manufacturing
  • Realise the opportunities and challenges digital technologies can bring to your business
  • Highlight the skills needed to empower your workforce and embark on your digital journey
  • Explore how you can cultivate skills with WMG digital training courses
  • Opportunity to shape course contents
  • Opportunity to inform the development of reskilling, upskilling and new skills development programmes
  • Networking with proactive businesses in development and deployment of industrial digital technologies