Innovate UK EDGE: HS2 Supply Chain Opportunities for Innovative SMEs

11 November 2021

Find out how a small business with innovation at its heart can get a contract with a large-scale project such as the HS2 railway to London.

The event will give an overview of how procurement works for a major project like HS2, focusing specifically on how smaller and medium sized businesses can engage. It will then detail some of the opportunities associated with HS2 for business, before investigating how innovative businesses have involved themselves with, and worked with, HS2 on various opportunities in the past. Featured speaker is Matt Hadlington, Senior Business Engagement Manager for HS2.

HS2 railway will connect Birmingham and London, and later the rest of the UK, with an even faster train. The project engages with many innovative businesses, and are always on the lookout for more as they start construction with the biggest engineering challenges and long bridges and viaducts. If ever there was a space for innovation and the perspective of an SME, this project is it.