Innovation Voucher Workshop 1: Developing a Strategy for your Business

14 October 2020

Business Innovation Workshops

About this Event

The Business Innovation Workshops are run on three specific topics by leading academics from Aston University and Birmingham City University. The workshops are funded by the European Regional Development Fund and therefore free to the participating company. On completion of a minimum of 12 hours of sessions, delegates will receive a prestigious “Managing Innovation in Business” Certificate.

Envisioning For Growth Through Innovation

This workshop will help you to understand how to envision the future as part of different scenarios for regional, national and international contexts. Participants will explore the uncertainties in their environment and use these uncertainties to develop plausible images of the future. Tools will be provided to anticipate the impact of the alternative future scenarios. Participants will learn how to understand present and prepare more effectively for future strategies.

Envisioning For Growth Through Innovation includes the following 2 sessions:

  • Developing a Strategy for your Business (3 hours): Wednesday 14 October.
  • Scanning and Analysing your Environment (3 hours): Wednesday 21 October. Please note the new date. You will need to register for this event. Booking details to be confirmed.

General Information

It is advised that companies attend each workshop just once.

All Business Innovation Workshops start at 10am.

Only one representative from each organisation may attend these workshops- multiple registrations from the same organisations will be cancelled.

The workshops are available free of charge but the equivalent cost of delivering them would count as state aid at full market rates. All companies in the European Union are entitled to receive up to 200,000 Euros government aid every three year period under State Aid de minimis regulations. If you would like to know more about state aid and de minimis regulations, please follow this link to further information