Institute for Manufacturing Masterclass: Fostering an innovative culture in your organisation

07 September 2021

Both technology and innovation are considered major contributors to the competitiveness of companies and in exploiting opportunities in the market; however, too often the people processes are not given enough attention in transformation efforts – they are viewed as “HR processes” and technical leaders may not see the value of examining these areas early on as accelerators for change.

The innovation culture framework presented in this class is based on three thematic elements of innovation culture in organizations: Transformational Leadership, Organizational Climate / Environment, and Organizational Practices & Processes.

By focusing on the culture within an organization and coupling with other technology and innovation management efforts, leaders will have a more holistic understanding of how to increase and sustain the innovation capabilities of their organizations.

What we will cover

Discover how to foster a more innovative culture in your organization:

  • Case study:
    – NASA’s evolving culture over the years
    – Culture change efforts following the Space Shuttle Columbia accident
  • Organisational culture assessment tools
    – Technology & Innovation Management Diagnostic
    – Innovative Culture Framework
  • Culture ‘gap’ prioritisation
  • Culture gap mitigation options

This 90-minute session includes time for participants to experience and run through the tools. The master class format will be informal; discussion and questions will be encouraged to enhance the overall experience.

Who should attend?

Join senior innovation and business leaders for this IfM Masterclass where you will learn how to use these approaches in small, medium and large organisations and have the opportunity to try part of the process.

Masterclass instructor

John Saiz is an Industrial Associate with the University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing (IfM). Formerly the Chief Technologist / Chief Technology Officer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, John and the team at the IfM work with technology intensive organizations worldwide to refine their innovation and technology management capabilities.

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