Made Smarter – Margin enhancing digital tools for SME Business owners

30 March 2022

An introduction and demonstration of the benefits of digital transformation for SME business owners delivered by West Midlands Made Smarter.

Digital technology, transformation and adoption is happening everywhere.

You might feel like your business is being left behind and want to find out how you can get involved, or you might want to learn how adopting digital technology can make a difference to you, your business and your employees.

The West Midlands Made Smarter digital adoption programme can give you the support and funding to help you start your digital transformation journey.

In this informative session we will demonstrate a variety of different technologies that may be of interest to you, including robots and automation, ERP & data systems and digital twins (full agenda below).

Get the chance to listen to success stories from people like you, who’ve taken the plunge and not looked back and discover how registering on the Made Smarter programme can help you get on track.

We have 4 sessions on offer – Please choose two* to take part in. See our agenda below for more information on what the event will include:

0830- Arrival with Tea, coffee and breakfast

0900- Introduction

0915- Digital Technology Sessions x 4

You will need to choose 2 sessions in advance– from:

1) Right information, Right place, Right Time

o ERP/ Data systems

2) Grow cost effectively

o Increased productivity, improved consistency, improved Health & Safety

o Robots and automation

3) Getting more from existing equipment

o Improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

o Internet of Things (IOT)

4) Reducing door to door time

o Improved factory layout

o Simulation

o Digital twins

1030- Success stories

1100- How Made Smarter can help your business.

1130- Lunch and close