Med-Tech Innovation Expo

08 June 2022 - 09 June 2022

Visitor registration open for Med-Tech Innovation Expo


Med-Tech Innovation Expo brings together designers, engineers, innovators & manufacturers from across the medical & healthcare sectors to explore new ideas, understand emerging technologies, and source innovative products and services from companies representing the complete medical device and manufacturing supply chain.

This year we’ll bring together more than 100 companies representing the complete medical device and manufacturing supply chain, alongside over 60 inspirational speakers and impartial industry experts.

Visitors from the medical engineering & manufacturing community will be able to see the entire spectrum of advanced technology, materials and solutions for concept, design and validation and manufacture including packaging, extrusion and moulding, automation, materials, medical electronics, medical plastics, design, sterilisation, components, testing and inspection, sensors, surface technology, manufacturing equipment & contract services.

This is your chance to reignite existing connections and build new ones within the med-tech community and beyond, as this year we are strategically co-located with seven events covering engineering and manufacturing:  TCT 3Sixty, Manufacturing Expo, Engineering Expo, Design Engineering Expo, Subcon and Maintec.

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