No more fast fashion: The role of textiles in the circular economy

11 May 2022

About the event

Brits throw away over 3kg of textile waste each year, making the UK the fourth-largest textile waste producer in Europe. Not only do these garments add to the growing landfill mounds across the country, but they also exacerbate the ongoing climate crisis. Combatting this issue is no mean feat, but these initiatives are supporting the fight against fast fashion.

Who should attend?

  • Local authority officers (waste, campaigns, projects, environment, climate, economic development etc)
  • Fashion and textile retailers and business owners
  • Designers and artists


  • Kresse Wesling, Founder, Elvis & Kresse
  • Diya Salhab & Natalie Monteiro, Circular Economy Analysts, EcoWise
  • Gerrard Fisher, Partner – Circular Business, QSA Partners LLP
  • Jose Baladron, Recycling Development Manager, TRAID

More information

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  • Please contact for more information, or if you encounter difficulties accessing the meeting.