Our Smart Brum – A Tech for All Showcase

03 February 2022

Our Smart Brum – A Tech For All Showcase will be a great evening of getting up close and personal with real working innovations, sustainable food and, of course, a touch of networking along the way. Conversations around Smart Cities can still leave people feeling confused about what a Smart City really means. They want to put some of these innovations (tech or non-tech) in front of our guests; where they can ask questions, see it close up and ultimately feel more involved in Birmingham’s transition to a Smart City.

The event welcomes all people with an interest in 5G, Smart Cities, Blockchain, IOT, Sustainability, Net Zero and Green Energy. Whether you are a young person, a student, a tech professional, a non-tech professional or a tech company, we would love to have you there to add to the conversation.

Our Smart Brum meets every month, at a different Birmingham location, with a different focal point and different (but always) sustainable cuisine. They are stepping away from the standard tech meet-ups and creating an environment that is inclusive of all ages and all interests.