Free Sustainability & Circular Economy Course

24 January 2022 - 16 February 2022

Free Sustainability & Circular Economy Course to help you navigate your sustainability future

Do you have an interest in a better future? Are you interested in learning more about sustainable innovation, business opportunities and support you can receive? Now is you time – do well whilst doing good.

What is it?
This free and fully-funded course, taking place from 24 Jan – 16 Feb, is packed full of value through a mixture of workshops, mentoring & other resources to help them understand the fundamentals of sustainability & circular economy through 4 modules covering:
– Introduction to Sustainability
– The Circular Economy and Sustainable Business Models
– What does a Sustainable Organisation look like?
– Sustainable Innovation in Practice

Who is it for?
Anyone with an interest in sustainability – such as:
– A business owner or entrepreneur
– An employee 
– Not in employment and looking to upskill
– An individual looking to expand their knowledge

The Sustainability & Circular Economy Course is delivered by BEC as part of the GLIDE project, on behalf of Buckinghamshire New University and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme.

GLIDE is offering business grants ranging from £1,000 – £2,000 to eligible businesses on a 2:1 basis meaning that for every £2 the business puts in; GLIDE will contribute £1 to the pot.