Sustainable Mobility Energiser Launch

28 March 2022


Accelerating sustainability in mobility and reducing emissions for the transport sector and beyond

About this event

We are pleased to invite you to the launch of the Sustainable Mobility Energiser.

Held in partnership with Energy Systems Catapult, this event will explore what is sustainable mobility, why is it so important, and how are companies embracing solutions. Participants will hear from DPD on their aim to be the greenest delivery company on the planet, and the EV Energy Task Force will share insights on the future of sustainable mobility following four years’ analysis from the Prime Minister’s Zero Emission Vehicle Summit.

Event Details:

The event will take place (online) between 15:00 – 15:55 GMT (10:00 – 10:55 EST) on Monday 28 March.

The agenda for the event will include:

  • What is Sustainable Mobility and Why Does it Matter?
  • How DPD is aiming to be the greenest delivery company on this planet
  • Insights from the future of sustainable mobility from the EV Energy Taskforce
  • Facilitated Open Discussion for all attendees to discuss how business is striving to ensure sustainability in mobility

Sustainable Mobility Energiser

Reducing emissions from the transport sector and moving to zero emission mobility solutions will be essential for the UK to meet its Net Zero emissions target by 2050. The Sustainable Mobility Energiser is a joint initiative from L Marks and Energy Systems Catapult to discover, develop and deploy innovations that will accelerate sustainability in mobility and reduce emissions for the transport sector and beyond.