The State of the Urban Environment: How to make cities Clean, Green and Just

20 July 2021

Global Action Plan (GAP) will be hosting a joint online event with the Environment Agency (EA) on environmental justice on Tuesday 20 July at 11am. The event will launch the EA’s latest report on the State of the Urban Environment and include a major speech from the EA’s Chief Executive, Sir James Bevan.

There will be contributions from the Black and Green Ambassadors, the Black Environment Network and the Women’s Environment Network. 

The event will:

-Launch of the EA’s ‘State of the Urban Environment’ report. 
-Help create a better understanding of people’s relationship to the urban environment. 
-Share and discuss the lived experience of urban inequalities.
-Identify opportunities and solutions.

Please submit any questions in advance of the event, below. There will be additional opportunities to ask questions. 

About the EA:
The Environment Agency (EA) works to create better places for people and wildlife and support sustainable development. The EA is a Non-departmental public body created by the Environment Act 1995. They are sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and accountable to parliament through the Secretary of State.

The EA has distinct roles as a regulator, operator and advisor predominately within England. It works to reduce flood risk; protect and enhance the environment; tackle the climate emergency and is a Category 1 Responder to disruptive emergencies affecting people and the environment. 

About GAP 
Global Action Plan is a charity that is working for a green and thriving planet where 
people enjoy their lives within the Earth’s resources. We are experts in helping people 
live more sustainable lifestyles, and do this by making connections between what is good for people and good for the planet. We are the people behind Clean Air Day, 
the UK’s largest air pollution campaign.