Understanding Energy Use in Manufacturing

13 June 2023

Understanding energy use can help manufacturers save money.

As we all know, the cost of energy has skyrocketed in recent months, and manufacturers particularly are seeing these increased costs eating away at profit margins.

Would you like to know when, where and how you are using the most energy in your business? Do you see unexplained ‘phantom’ energy use when machines are off, or your factory is closed?

The Smart Manufacturing Data Hub is hosting an online workshop which will explain how to collect and use your energy data to monitor usage. Our partners from the Energy Systems Catapult will give you easy to use tools to get useful insight and practical tips on cutting energy consumption, without impacting productivity.

The University of Cambridge will showcase the power monitoring solution available to SME manufacturers through SMDH, which can capture energy usage data for individual machines, processes, or rooms.

We will also show you examples of how to use your energy data to make business decisions, reduce energy spend and improve sustainability.