Untapping opportunities for Trade and Investment between WM & Latin America

18 October 2023

Come & explore opportunities in the Latin American market at this Birmingham Tech Week Fringe Event.

This exclusive gathering, as part of Birmingham Tech Week, is an immersive experience crafted to empower local businesses with the knowledge, and connections needed to flourish in the dynamic and thriving Latin American markets.

Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the elements that characterize these diverse markets. Engage with businesses who have not only navigated but excelled within Latin America’s business landscapes. Absorb the insights of esteemed market experts, whose depth of knowledge will unravel complexities and unveil pathways to success.

Learn remarkable facts that underscore the sheer potential of Latin America: did you know that the combined GDP of Latin American countries surpasses $5 trillion, presenting an awe-inspiring arena for trade and investment? With over 20 countries spanning the continent and a population exceeding 650 million people, this vast expanse offers an unparalleled consumer base that beckons to be tapped into.

But this event is not just about statistics and potential; it’s about forging meaningful connections. It’s about connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs, market experts, and innovators who share a common goal of expanding horizons. You’ll gain not only the knowledge required to seize opportunities in Latin America but also the networks that empower you to turn potential into palpable growth.

Join BEC as the West Midlands converges with the heart and spirit of Latin America, creating a synergy that will reshape the trajectory of businesses for years to come. Together, let’s redefine the paradigms of cross-continental collaboration and chart a course toward a future where opportunities are boundless and success knows no bounds.

Speakers to be announced soon