West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge: Phase Two

30 September 2022

This online event will help you understand the current and future benefits of Net Zero and what it means to your business.

Join on the 30th September, 11:00-12:15.

Join this event to better your understanding of the changing Net Zero business landscape. Attendees will benefit from key insights about what the Net Zero requirements are for businesses and how it impacts B2B operations.

By attending you will learn what is currently required from businesses with regards to reporting, the benefits of going beyond compliance and, how signing up to the West Midlands Business Pledge can provide you with the support you need to achieve both.

You can sign up to the West Midlands Net Zero Business Pledge, click here.

Speakers currently include:

  • Andrew Smith, Lead Research Environment and Sustainability at Crown Commercial Service
  • Nicole Ellen, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Shoosmiths LLP
  • Denise Taylor, Managing Director of Wylde connections
  • Nat Weaver, Project Officer at Sustainability West Midlands

Why should my business care about Net Zero?

• B2B supply chains: one pledged business was told that if they did not have a carbon reduction plan by the end of 2022, they would be removed from their customer’s supply chain.

• Consumer demands: 73% of global consumers stated that they would or probably change their consumption habits to reduce their environmental impact.

• Policy requirements: government procurement policy for contracts valued at £5 million per annum now need a Net Zero carbon reduction plan.

But these are tough times, so what are the benefits to my business?

• It can save costs; one business saved £100,000 per annum from a switch off policy.

• The Pledge provides a platform to showcase the progress your business is making towards Net Zero.

• It can help build business continuity.