Zero Emission Road Freight Demonstrations: battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell trucks

13 July 2022

Date: 13th July 2022


This is a must-attend webinar if you want to learn more about the role of battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell articulated HGVs as part of the £200 million Zero Emission Road Freight (ZERFT) demonstration programme launching later this year.

The Department for Transport, in partnership with Innovate UK, is launching the Zero Emission Road Freight (ZERFT) demonstration programme. This £200 million investment will demonstrate the leading zero emission technology options in on-road operations in the UK, collecting evidence to influence and inform the rapid decarbonisation of the UK’s long haul HGV sector. The programme is focussed is on the largest, most difficult to decarbonise, heavy goods vehicles – typically those weighing 40-44tonnes.

To deliver the Government’s net zero ambitions and enable the phase-out of the sale of new non-zero emission HGVs by the announced 2035/2040 dates, a decision is needed around the mid-2020s on which technology mix and supporting infrastructure is needed to support zero emission HGVs in the UK.

Battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell articulated HGVs are proven to function on a technical level and there has been some early commercialisation. A large multi-year on-road demonstration will deliver a better understanding of the operational impacts, infrastructure requirements and costs of these vehicles. This demonstration and the resultant learning will encourage public and private investment in R&D, business model development, infrastructure, and ultimately, will encourage vehicle adoption.

Come and find out more about the demonstrations and how they will work. The event is suited to organisations and RTOs of all sizes who want to be involved in zero emission truck deployment.

Further phases of the ZERFT demonstration programme will be announced in due course.