Kobi Noah

Digital Innovators graduate

Meet Kobi Noah

Case study

“My name is Kobi Noah, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Birmingham.  

I’m very passionate about technology and studied IT at college, later narrowing this down to working in Networking and Cyber Security. 

During the latter half of secondary school I found myself struggling to find a subject that really grabbed my interest. I came to realise that IT was a great subject to focus my learning on and offered a future proof industry that I could continue to work and study in for a long time. It is a diverse and revolutionising subject, with each new year bringing on exciting new developments and impressive systems. Studying IT highlighted to me how many essential technologies there are that we use daily and that I had previously taken for granted. This increased my drive to continue to learn and improve my knowledge on the history of technology and delve into what our future alongside technology may look like.  

Alongside my studying, the Digital Innovators Skills Programme progressed my workplace and technical skills and took them to the next level. I learned skills that would support my technical knowledge in an employee position like communication, negotiation and professionalism. Their course went hand in hand with my studying and enabled me to get to where I am today.”