Delivering our Mission

Why we exist and what we aim to achieve


The Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands is an alliance of organisations active or interested in science and technology based innovation across the West Midlands. We have two principle objectives delivered currently through the West Midlands Innovation Programme:

  • To build and maintain a thriving innovation ecosystem in the West Midlands
  • To stimulate and catalyse a pipeline of activity that supports and enables innovation


  • Innovation is a vital driver of regional growth, prominent in national and regional policy
  • We are guided by the West Midlands Plan for Growth, which provides evidence and direction for the need of innovation
  • Complements the WMCA Innovation Board
  • There is a stakeholder demand


To deliver our objectives, we have six core functions:

  • Insight – bottom-up view of what is needed to enable innovation (including its adoption) in public and private sector organisations
  • Gap Analysis – identifying where and what interventions are needed to drive innovation
  • Seeding – catalysis of pilot interventions with innovation ecosystem stakeholders
  • Linking Policy and Action – informing the development and supporting the roll out of regional (and potentially national) policy and funding relevant to innovation
  • Communications – championing West Midlands innovation and sharing intelligence and opportunities across the innovation ecosystem
  • Connecting – activities to build and maintain the WM Innovation ecosystem (without which none of the above happen)