Smart City Alliance

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What we do:

The Smart City Alliance is a cross-sector network whose membership includes practitioners from universities, local authorities, businesses, voluntary organisations and SMEs from across the whole West Midlands region.

The group meets bi-monthly and provides visiting speakers a platform to share their smart initiatives and the opportunity to forge relationships with Alliance partners.

Thematic workshops also look to drive collaborative activity in response to current opportunities.

Chairs: The group is co-chaired by Alex Cole, Chief Innovation Officer at Tin Smart Social, and Rick Robinson, Digital Properties and Cities Leader at Arup.

Co-ordinated by: Iain Mansell, Project Manager at Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands.

Next Meeting:

  • Date: Wednesday 1st May
    Time: 9:30am – 12:30pm (includes networking lunch)
    Venue: Birmingham City University – Introducing ‘City Gate’

Upcoming Meetings:

  • Date: Wednesday 10th July
  • Time: 9am – 11:30am
  • Venue: TBC

Previous Meetings:

Wednesday 6th March at University of Birmingham

The March Smart City Alliance meeting took place on Wednesday 6th March hosted by University of Birmingham. The meeting kicked off with a tour of the University’s new ‘Green Heart’. We also received presentations from:

(The energy generating paving at the Green Heart)

See more about the Liveable Cities Project:


Wednesday 9th January at STEAMhouse

Our January meeting took place at SteamhouseUK, with speakers from Maas Global, Streamr, and Smart Oxford.The day began with a brilliant tour of the venue, and ended with a fruitful networking session.

(Tour of STEAMhouse)

See more about STEAMhouse:


7th November 2018 at West Midlands Combined Authority 

Our final meeting of 2018 took place on the 7th November at WMCA, with speakers from JCP Support For Schools, Slenky, Digital Birmingham,  plus discussions led by our Chairs on the implication of 5G in the West Midlands, and the potential for an Intelligent Services Roadmap.

(Alex Cole on the potential of an Intelligent Services Roadmap)
(Cec Richards, Slenky)

See more about Slenky:


You can find a full list of Smart City Alliance members here.

Get in touch:


Twitter: @innovationwm