Taran3D are developing a new training and development strand XR Academy


Company Name: Taran3D

Location: Birmingham

Approx Annual Turnover: Approx £55,000 – £60,000

Website: www.taran3d.com

Blog address: www.taran3d.com


Taran3D is a creative 3D Agency based in Birmingham producing amazing interactive content and experiences with their ever-evolving 3D, VR and AR capabilities.

We work with clients to engage their audiences by bringing their projects to life in ways they could never imagine. With creative digital storytelling at the heart of what we do, we combine these skills with cutting edge technology to produce unique and compelling interactive content.

Our knowledge and expertise as well as our collaborative approach means we often work as an extension of partner/client teams. This helps us seamlessly fill in the digital blanks of a project and use the power of interactive communication to ignite key messages and tell their stories.

Why did you need or want to do something different?

In 2020 we decided to scale up the business, taking it to the next level in relation to team growth & development, project sizes, raising our brand awareness and understanding the value we bring to the clients and partnerships we work with.

With this came an unexpected increase in demand for Taran3D to provide expert XR training services for a range of organisations.

Process of innovation

Our decision to scale up saw us grow significantly in 2020 with the addition of new team members in marketing & business management to build and strengthen our proposition. We used our new marketing resources to reposition ourselves across digital platforms and build better audience engagement.

The only challenges we faced during 2020 was to ensure we grew at a sustainable rate. The success of the business during that time has been rapid and we instantly understood that to make it work and to sustain the rate of growth we were achieving, we had to grow invest in our team. Taran3D is built on a love of creative storytelling with likeminded people who all play a vital role in the success of each project and we achieve success by working transparently as one flexible team.

We won our first international client, Canadian creative agency SkyRocket in partnership with Paz Fuels which allowed us to promote ourselves on a global scale. We went on to gain wider recognition from peers and clients alike, securing our second international client CIS Global. 

We also celebrated our first award win being named Outstanding Start Up Business of the Year at the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce Award Winners 2020. 

Taran3D is fully committed to supporting the next generation of tech talent into the industry. They work with partner organisations to teach, inspire and motivate young people to understand the industry and consider tech as a worthy career path. 

As a leader in 3D design, Taran is also a keen advocate of promoting the city and region and is regularly involved in events, panels and workshops championing the digital industries within the region wherever possible.

Source of support

The support we have received from STEAMhouse, has been integral to the successful growth and development of our business. The STEAMhouse team, especially Sophia Tarr, continue to provide valuable support & guidance to us as a business and also as individuals. We have attended workshops through them for areas including financial and business planning and STEAMhouse has also provided arts support.

STEAMhouse has helped build our offering and confidence as a brand to push our business to the next level. They have also connected us with a wide range of organisations that have helped support the growth of our business as well as provide collaborative opportunities.

The support and guidance we received from STEAMhouse improved our confidence as a team and business and we can attribute a lot of our success to the ongoing support we have from all the team.

STEAMhouse gave us the platform we needed at a crucial time to push our business forward. They provided mentorship, training and collaboration support that, alongside the external organizations they connected us with has led us to the successful, sustainable business we are today.

New product

Due to the increase in demand for our training expertise we spotted a gap in the market and have developed our new training and development strand XR Academy.

We have built strong relationships with numerous commercial businesses, social enterprises and educational outlets and have worked with many of them to gain valuable advice and guidance to help with our plans for the XR Academy.

This new service is being developed and we are currently working on the brand, marketing and training plans to be able to launch it in the first half of 2021. We are also already in serious talks with a range of potential clients who have expressed interest in using XR Academy for their training needs.