No_Code: transforming the way technology-based enterprises and services are started

No_Code development is transforming the way technology-based enterprises and services are started. Its power lies in the ability to build fully functioning apps cheaper, faster and without coding skills, reducing the cost and time (typically £55,000 and 18 months, to £5,000 and weeks) and therefore removing significant barriers to start-up creation, business growth and innovation.

The SuperTech Seeds Pre-Accelerator Programme utilises this game-changing technology to support the business professional and financial services (BPFS) sector; where innovation barriers are high and specialist domain expertise prevents future tech-entrepreneurs from successfully founding start-ups, and where No_Code development is an emerging skill set sought by large employers to build corporate entrepreneurship capabilities.

Supported by the West Midlands Innovation Programme and Community Renewal Fund regional businesses.

Successful applicants received £10,000 worth of seed investment towards their idea, delivered by SuperTech and no_code experts, Million Labs.

Alongside being assigned a leading no_code expert throughout the process to build and develop their MVP, businesses were also assigned 1:1 mentorship, desk space, and access to a range of networking events with local investors and peers.

In May 2022 SuperTech attended the official launch of Talent Xchange. SuperTech Seeds winner, founder Nick Winder’s innovative idea – an app to transform the logistics industry – was made a reality through fully funded no_code development, delivered in partnership with Million Labs. The app has been specifically designed to solve the skills crisis in the logistics industry and to bring students and the next generation of talent directly to businesses within the industry.

To view highlights of the day, and to hear from Nick about the benefits of SuperTech Seeds and the application process, view the video below.