Anwar Almojarkesh

CEO & Founder at Innovation Factory Limited

Meet Anwar Almojarkesh

Occupation: CEO & Founder at Innovation Factory Limited

Expertise: Innovation and AI

Open to be:

  • Speaker
  • Panellist
  • Mentor
  • Case study

Anwar was granted a Tier1 Exceptional Talent Visa in 2016 from UK Home Office as an expert of sound classification. He holds 10 patents for sound classification algorithms that are used in: healthcare, safety and railway predictive maintenance, and has worked with London Midlands, NetworkRail, Samsung, HS2, CPC, University of Birmingham, and Digi-Rail. In addition, Anwar developed a people detection sensor based on acoustic sensors deployed at level crossings and train stations as part of RSSB funded TOC17 project on Suicide, Trespass and Risky Behaviour Reduction. 

Currently, Anwar’s company is generating a profit that they are using this review to reinvest in R&D to detect a wide range of sound for health, safety and comfort.

His innovation track-record includes:

  • Finalist at Tech Founder – Munich – Germany
  • Finalist at BT Infinity Lab competition – Better World Innovation Challenge
  • Finalist at Creative Business Cap – London – United Kingdom
  • 1st Place HS2 Hackathon – A Hackathon with collaboration with CATAPULT -Milton Keynes – UK
  • 1st Place Best Practices: Excellent in Universal Design – New York – USA
  • Finalist at Accelerace Incubation – Esbjerg – Denmark
  • 1st place at Slush Event in Finland – Helsinki
  • Won grant from Sirius program – London – United Kingdom
  • Finalist at GIST Tech-I Competition 2013
  • 7th place in Worldwide Finals Microsoft Imagine Cup in Sydney – Australia 2012

Anwar has given two TEDX talks in 2011 and 2012 (note: they are both in Arabic):

TEDxYouth@Amman – Anwar AlMojarkesh – Solved his problems by inventions

TEDxKA: Tip It by Anwar Al-Mojarkesh

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