News: Introducing the Midlands Energy Hub

The Midlands Energy Hub is a BEIS funded initiative, managed by Nottingham City Council, as part of the Clean Growth Strategy. Its mission is to support the capacity of LEPs and Local Authorities to deliver local low carbon energy projects, reduce carbon emissions, tackle fuel poverty and create new green jobs. Its key objectives are to:

1. Increase number, quality and scale of local energy projects being delivered
2. Raise local awareness of opportunity for and benefits of local energy investment
3. Enable local areas to attract private and/or public finance for energy projects
4. Identify working model for teams to be financially self-sustaining after first two years

The Midlands Energy Hub is providing capacity support to the nine Midlands LEP areas including the three WMCA LEPs and helping to disseminate best practice regionally across the Midlands and nationally across all LEPs. A range of projects are being worked on including: Mine Water Heat Extraction, Large Scale PV and Battery Storage, Network Reinforcement and EV Charging. The Midlands Energy Hub is also delivering the £1.8 million Rural Community Energy Fund, supporting rural, community led energy projects.

The Regional Energy Team has ten staff with a Project Officer attached to each of the nine LEPs in the region. If your organisation has a project that would benefit from the support of the Midlands Energy Hub please contact your Project Officer. For the West Midlands area the Project Officers are: Alex Pearson in Worcestershire, Mark Gibbons in Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire, Serena Bacuzzi in Greater Birmingham & Solihull, Ayat Ahmed in Coventry & Warwickshire, Pat Fleming in the Black Country, and Tim Yair in the Marches.

You can read more about the Midlands Energy Hub here