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Introduction & Impact

The West Midlands Innovation Programme (WMIP) launched in 2019 to deliver the innovation framework that sits within the West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy.

With a focus on demand-led (or market-pull) business innovation, WMIP has been driving up levels of innovation across all areas of the region, by delivering a stronger, more integrated innovation support offer to business and providing targeted support to business to access more national innovation funding.

WMIP focuses on 5 areas of action, namely:

  • Networks and Linkages
  • Investment Programmes
  • Innovation Talent
  • Intelligence on future trends
  • Innovation Culture


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Partners include the West Midlands Combined Authority (funder) and its Innovation Board, the Innovation Alliance for the West Midlands (IAWM) and a business facing ‘Virtual Innovation Team’.

The Virtual Innovation Team comprises of business facing innovation experts hosted by a range of regional cluster/ sector bodies. Between them they support businesses in all the sectors and major market opportunities of the West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy to grow through innovation. Working with IAWM, the Virtual Innovation Team identify and address common barriers and opportunities across sectors and markets, leading to collaborative innovation action and programmes.

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