News: Introducing Tech 50 – Your chance to rank UK’s most exciting firms!

BusinessCloud is looking to crown the most exciting tech companies across the UK with a series of regional ranked lists, and IAWM’s Iain Mansell is on the Midlands’ panel! But your vote is needed too…

TheĀ Tech 50 rankings will shine a light on the companies of all sizes who are doing amazing things with technology. One ranked list will be published every month from February through to December.

As well as evidence of turnover and workforce growth or investment, the key criteria is companies harnessing tech in a disruptive way.

They may have developed the technology themselves or adapted an existing tech in a novel way, but they must be making a real impact to be considered for Tech 50.

A panel of regional experts will judge our long-list of nominations for each list before we open voting to the general public. The final 50 ranking will be decided by a combination of the two. To suggest an independent judge, email

Nominations has CLOSED

Voting closes 08/09/2019

List published 23/09/19

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