#WMKindness – The IAWM Team

Here at IAWM we are getting involved in the #WMKindness campaign by West Midlands Combined Authority, as part of Mental Health Awareness Week, by sharing our own examples of kindness we’ve received or witnessed during COVID-19 pandemic.

The list is not exhaustive!

“It was great to see how Foodbanks quickly adapted to social distancing and have continued to feed those in need without interruption.”

 “A friend who has a business selling luxury cashmere wraps is giving one away each week to a nominated member of NHS staff.”

“Almost every week my daughter receives a hand-made card, cake or letter from a different friend as they all do a little bit to keep each other positive.”

“So many colleagues are sharing more of their home lives and feelings!”

“We received a lovely note through our door from a group of local people as soon as lockdown started with a number to call if we needed any help.”

“It’s nice to see more people saying thank you to shop assistants and security staff and really meaning it.”

“People are rediscovering how good it makes one feel to be kind!”

“I’m reconnecting with a lot of people that I’ve lost contact with.”

“My friend is designing and selling T Shirts to raise money for Beat, which has received an upsurge in demand since the pandemic.”

“Various people I know have started a penpal service with a local home for the elderly. They now regularly correspond with detailed letters about their lives.”

“A cheerful smile from a (2m) passerby in the street really can brighten your day.”

“Everyday we entertain our young neighbours across the street by putting a different teddy bear in the window – they always manage to find another!”

The Teddy Bear Wars are heating up in various locations across Birmingham.

What acts of kindness have you witnessed during the pandemic? Join in! #WMKindness