? Birmingham Tech Week 2030: Diversity in Innovation


It’s not long to go until the region’s leading tech festival: Birmingham Tech Week (BTW), which goes digital from 12 – 16 October 2020. This week is a fantastic opportunity to show why the region is leading the way when it comes to innovation, offering a series of inspirational and though-provoking events which showcase the very best of the region’s talent.

In collaboration with Digital Innovators , GBSLEP and TIN Smart Social, we are delighted to be co-hosting two events which celebrate the future of diversity in our region: Birmingham Tech 2030. Across these two days, with a series of fantastic speakers and panelists, we hope to tackle the answers to these important questions:

  • What’s happening now to support the diverse talent pool of the future? 
  • Who are the emerging heroes for our next generation to be inspired by? 
  • What barriers do we need to overcome to ensure diversity is a given not a challenge by Birmingham Tech 2030?

Birmingham Tech 2030: New Gen & New Voices

When: 13th October, 3pm

Hear first-hand from the young people being supported across a range of programmes specifically designed to provide the skills needed for a diverse next generation tech talent pool. We will also hear from our New Voices of Innovation, a rich and diverse database of people that cannot only inspire our next generation of innovators but also act as ambassadors for diversity in innovation.

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Birmingham Tech 2030: Growing the diverse talent pipeline

When: 14th October, 12.45pm

With various panellists from across our innovation ecosystem, we will ask the above questions that focus on the future of diversity and how we can continue to nurture and grow new talent.

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Birmingham Tech Week NED Alex Cole, CEO TIN Smart Social says:

“The West Midlands and Birmingham in particular, are in the spotlight. We know what we can do and it’s time to show the world. Diversity is one of our greatest assets, and so is digital creativity. Put these two together and we have an incredible opportunity through the global platform of Birmingham Tech Week to showcase everything we’re achieving now, through programmes like Digisheds, and all that we can achieve in the future.

Our region is fizzing with tech energy and we need to channel that, giving brilliant young people, particularly those who’ve not had the advantage before, access to the latest tech skills development, a professional support network to build confidence, credibility and contacts within digital businesses and, most importantly, by giving them work. Cultural, social or economic background doesn’t matter. Passion and potential does.”

These events, and others throughout the week are free-to-attend and give unparalleled access to experts and thought-leaders who will be sharing knowledge on subjects such as business culture, customer experience and how to start and scale up a tech business. BTW topics range from 5G and FinTech, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence.

You can check out the other Birmingham Tech Week events here.