West Midlands arts & culture community get together for launch of new event series Brum Tech Tapas

A new event series has launched aimed at tech, arts and culture fans in the West Midlands. Brum Tech Tapas was created by Birmingham-based tech company Jump24 to celebrate the region’s mix of talent and homegrown crafts by bringing people together to share stories from disciplines, including art, music, hospitality, literature, urban planning and grassroots community development.

The first edition of Brum Tech Tapas is free and will launch online, due to current restrictions, with contributions from:

  • Foka Wolf – Street Artist
  • Dr Victoria Barker – Creative Ecosystems Researcher
  • Joe Schuppler – Founder, Independent Birmingham
  • Casey Bailey – Birmingham Poet Laureate

Each speaker will spend 20-30 minutes telling a story about what they are passionate about.

The team at Jump24 was inspired to launch the series after getting involved in tech events around the city before the 2020 lockdowns began.

Director & founder of Jump24, Daniel Newns says:

“At Jump24, we love to swap knowledge with our friends in tech but real inspiration comes from learning about what’s happening elsewhere. The West Midlands is packed with talented people practicing a diverse mix of crafts, so we decided to invite people to get together and celebrate the amazing work that gets done in this region.”

Casey Bailey, Birmingham Poet Laureate, will also be speaking at the first ever Brum Tech Tapas

Speaker Dr Victoria Barker spoke about her excitement at the first event:

“I’m really looking forward to the first Brum Tech Tapas event – the idea behind it matches up with lots of my own research, but more importantly I think it’s a great opportunity to bring people together to spark ideas and make connections. The concept means there will be something for everyone, and the format will keep it fresh. I love the idea of sharing perspectives from different speakers and I’m even more thrilled to be one of them.”

Event Details

Date: 25th March 2021
Time: 7pm