5G Challenge Invitation for Construction Companies

Calling West Midlands Construction Companies!

West Midlands 5G are looking for 2 innovative West Midlands construction companies to take part in their fully funded 5G Spring Accelerator challenge. Simply share your challenges & the cohort will get on with the solutions.5G is groundbreaking; much more than a simple step up from 4G. With lightning-fast speeds, ultra-low latency, the capacity to connect millions of machines simultaneously – 5G is the enabler that tackles costly construction industry problems head on.Whether it’s health & safety, wayfinding, asset tracking, reducing waste & expensive errors, or simply getting things done faster, better and on time, this 5G accelerator programme and test bed facilities, with full tech support, can help create & validate real world solutions. Make your construction company 5G ready.¬†

Find out how you can get involved by emailing Clare Mckee, West Midlands 5G Business & Stakeholder Engagement Manager @clare.mckee@wm5g.org.uk