Technology Supply Chain Innovation Awards 2021

Run by the Technology Supply Chains, the Innovation Awards are a chance to celebrate the inspiring innovation across the West Midlands. We are delighted that Innovation Alliance have been nominated for Tech Innovation Champion, as well as so many stakeholders and individuals that work closely with the alliance, and we are excited to see that the brilliant, diverse talent in our region is being recognised!

You can vote for your winners here.

‘The Innovation Alliance is honoured to have been nominated amongst a great selection of organisations, businesses and individuals in this inaugural year for the TCS Innovation Awards, but mostly we are delighted to see the Innovation Awards getting people talking and raising the profile of innovation in the West Midlands.‘ – Pam Waddell OBE, Director @ Innovation Alliance WM

Where: Millennium Point, Curzon St, Birmingham B4 7XG

When: 6pm, 1st July

About the Awards

The need and ability to constantly innovate is widely recognised as one of the major contributors to business success.  This has never been truer since the lockdowns started.  Some companies have avoided a downturn and worse by innovating.  Other businesses have used innovation to flourish either through developing new products or services or developing their internal processes.

These annual awards are designed to specifically promote, recognise, celebrate and reward the leading individuals and businesses for their work in this vital area epitomising the exceptionally high standards set and achieved by the UK.

Innovation does not happen on its own.  It is often a result of a team effort.  Our awards also recognise those who help innovation to occur.  This includes universities, organisations and businesses.