Intern Motors to Success on Rechargeable Battery Project


Aeristech design and produce the world’s fastest accelerating and most power dense permanent magnet variable speed electric motors. With clean energy at the heart of most leading nations’ industrial policies, their products are in great demand with customers predominantly in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Aeristech approached WMG to discover if they could help them with the development of a rechargeable battery unit for use on their work with differential probes (differential probes measure the difference between two signals into a voltage that can be sent to an oscilloscope). The probes were draining the disposable batteries too quickly, which was having an impact on the company’s production and assembly activity and “in-house” design and testing work.


It was agreed that an internship would be the best way to develop the unit and through WMG’s internship programme, Aeristech took on Mariyah Mulla, an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate from De Montfort University. Mariyah worked to create a battery unit with rechargeable lithium ion batteries that could be attached onto the probes and allow the user to know the battery charge and when the batteries were running low. She also implemented a range of additional safety features. Supervised by WMG’s David Norman, she and the company benefited from access to equipment and lab space at WMG when required. 

As a result of the project Aeristech have offered Mariyah a full-time position as an Electronics Hardware Engineer, working with them on new product development

Battery waste in the company has been reduced and Aeristech have a rechargeable battery system in place offering a much more sustainable process

Through the implementation of a rechargeable battery unit, Aeristech will significantly reduce the amount of downtime in their production and assembly activity

Mariyah Mulla said: “Through working on this project I have been able to improve my technical knowledge and skills in power electronics and I am delighted that the company has hired me as a permanent employee.”

David Norman, WMG supervisor and technology transfer manager said “The WMG internship programme is an excellent way to access new skills and discover new talent. We have a long history of working with Aeristech to support skills development in the business and we are happy that our internship programme has delivered such great impact.”

Andy Phillips, Head of Product Engineering at Aeristech said:

“It has been a pleasure working with WMG. I am pleased Mariyah has joined us at Aeristech full-time. During her internship she proved herself to be a very capable and enthusiastic electronic engineer”.