Lab by Transport for Wales Cohort 4

Transport for Wales are giving you an amazing opportunity to up-skill & up-scale your business, refine, develop and launch your product to market and secure a contract of work!

You can do all of this in just 12 weeks with Lab by Transport for Wales (TfWL) – the innovation accelerator programme by TfWR.

Over their first 3 cohorts they have accelerated 18 start-ups to business case review and helped businesses secure over £1million of funding.

TfWL is the dedicated innovation provider in to Transport for Wales – and they’re currently recruiting for cohort 4 of their remote innovation accelerator.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the programme will guide your start-up from ideation, to developing a prototype based on stakeholder feedback and real customer data, to pitching for a contract of work with TfWR decision makers.

You have until midnight January 21st to apply:

Who is the programme for?

If you’re an entrepreneur, start-up, or scale-up with a; product or early-stage product that can be developed to improve the Transport for Wales Rail passenger experience, then we think you’d be a great fit for the programme.

It’s your chance to accelerate your start-up. Refine and develop your product, network with rail industry leaders and secure a contract of work with Transport for Wales Rail to help grow your business.

Get a full insight into the TfWL accelerator programme by visiting

What is the programme?

It is designed to help up-skill and up-scale tech start-ups over a 12-week period of innovation training, mentoring and workshops including:

  • Design thinking
  • User experience testing
  • Minimum viable product development
  • Gaining customer insights
  • Agile working methods
  • Product testing

TfWL are carrying out this accelerator programme in partnership with Transport for Wales Rail to help;

  • Improve passenger experience for rail users
  • Improve internal business processes
  • Implement innovation throughout Transport for Wales Rail
  • Improve Customer Experience & Customer Support
  • Health & Safety / Employee Wellbeing
  • Mobility & Transport

Who is it for?

Start-ups, scale-ups or entrepreneurs with an existing product or service can apply for the programme.

Benefits of the programme?

The benefits and opportunities for successful applicants are huge. It’s your chance to get a foothold into the multi-billion-pound rail industry that is continually seeing growth.

The programme is designed to accelerate start-ups and within 12 weeks. Getting them to a point where they can pitch a tested prototype to Transport for Wales Rail.

Successful pitches will be rewarded a contract of work with TfWR, providing these companies the resources they need to see their project through to completion and launch their live product to the marketplace.

All candidates on the programme will also undergo training and take part in workshops to help them;

  • Define a proposition value
  • Identify their exact target market
  • Gain customer insights
  • Refine their product idea
  • Build a prototype
  • Gain feedback from real users

How to apply?

Application deadline is midnight January 21st

For more information about the programme, applicants can visit

You can also stay up to date with the latest updates on the programme by following @waleslab on twitter.